Also Lexus at SEMA Show

Lexus has five cars on the show floor of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. That again special automobile pictures.

Lexus has five cars prepared for the tuningsfestijn that today has begun in Las Vegas: the SEMA Show. Two of those dolled-up models we have already seen: the blue UX 250h and a particular executed LC 500. One of the remaining three is a custom LS 500 F Sport that Lexus 'LS Custom Hero' has been baptized. The LS Custom Hero is a version of 22-inch large light metal and includes a body kit from Artisan Spirit. The car also has upgraded Brembo remmerij. About motor adjustments is not discussed.

Lexus grabs the SEMA Show to the new ES in the limelight. The ES Custom Hero doped sedan is in a special color, painted red, is wearing just as the already described LS a bodykit from Artisan Sporit and stands on 20-inch light metal where Michelin Pilot Sport 4S-bands around it are folded. More interesting, perhaps, is the wine cooler that is in the car hiding. The whole is finished with oak wood, that we also in the rest of the trunk area encounter.

The third and final SEMA-entry from Lexus is the RC CXX Cross Country Custom. Cross Country-the addition has nothing to do with a high-on-the-feet-performance, because this Lexus is on a set of tougher springs. Neon lighting? Yes, it is all there on or in this case 'under'.