Also current Dacia Duster again as a pick-up

In October 2014, we received for the first time air of a pick up version of the Dacia Duster. Also the current generation of that Romanian is now a version with an open body.

With the Duster Oroch has Dacia, a pick up version of the previous generation Duster on the menu, a here is not available pick-up double cab that is in 2015 at the Motor Show in Buenos Aires was presented and used in various South American countries to purchase. That instance is through the official channels to purchase, but a year earlier the Romanian bodybuilder Romturingia already with a pick up version of the Duster on the came up, a car in a limited edition of 500 pieces for the Romanian oil company OMV Petrom had built. Meanwhile, Dacia the Duster to a second generation helped and also that the car is now by Romturingia taken care of.

According to Romturingia is also the new pick version of the Duster will be a welcome addition, because Dacia in 2012 itself the power plug from the pick up version of the Logan has drawn. The carriage was cut and behind the B-pillar was closed again. The pick-up gets four-wheel drive and is powered by a 110 hp 1.5 dCi. The car on the photos is still a prototype, but Romturingia put a production version sometime in the coming months on the order list.