All the info on the new Mercedes A-class

Stuttgart, 2. February 2017

Rarely, one has the feeling that one has seen more of a car than this. It is not even on the market. Countless Tarnstufen, countless offshoots in countless Tarnstufen, a razor-sharp sedans-a study, a futuristic electro-study reports, headlight, grill, and the (absolutely amazing) interior, sparkling new infotainment worlds ... The Daimler you just know how to stir the PR drum. Now but an end to the torture is finally the Salami-tactics. Say Hello to the new, third Generation of the Mercedes A-class. All of the images, all the info, all of which are entirely new engines, and the high probability that the competition in Munich, Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg, Germany is looking pretty stupid from the Laundry.

Compact Mini-CLS

Why are you looking at? Because of the interior in the "honey, I've got the S-class has shrunk"-style. And because of the new MBUX-the infotainment system. Against both everything we have so far in the compact class saw seems to be a pretty bad joke. But we'll come to the same. Let the new Baby Benz but for the first time to take in. From the front: a Mini-CLS. From the rear: the current Mercedes-Chic in hatchback Form. cW-value: sleek 0,25, best-of-Class. As standard the A-class comes with Halogen(!)-Headlights. For a surcharge, there are two different LED versions.

More space, please

The basic shape should be from its predecessor is known. However, there are now significantly more. The new A-class is to 4.42 meters in length and twelve inches longer than in the past. To do this, there are 1.6 inches wide (1.80 meters) and 0.6 inches more height (1,44 meters). The wheelbase grows to three inches to 2.73 meters. This is one of the Central A-class should alleviate problems. Exactly, it's about the space on offer. Mercedes promises the front and rear, more shoulder room, elbow width, headroom and a more relaxed entry to the rear seat. The trunk grows to 29 to 370 liters. Much more important: thanks to the now two-part rear lights, the trunk opening thickness is 20 centimeters wide. At the same time, the trunk floor is 11.5 inches longer. All-round visibility? Was rather mau. Leaner pillar panels bring an improvement of ten percent.

All the new engines

Let's talk about motors talk. All are completely new. At the Start of the new A-class in may 2018, there will be three variants. The entry of A 180d, a 1.5-Liter Diesel with 116 HP and 260 Newton metres of marked. He comes with SCR-Kat and velvet Ad-Blue System (of 23.8-gallon fuel Tank), meets Euro6d temp and will consume 4.1 liters. The preliminary base petrol model A 200 comes with a new 1.33 litre, four-cylinder Turbo with cylinder deactivation, it makes 163 HP and 250 Newton metres and want to get along in the best case, with 5.1 liters. Top model is the A 250 with two liters of displacement. He brings it to 224 HP and 350 Newton meters and fairly values driving performance notice. 0-100 km/h in 6.2 seconds, the top is 250 km/h fuel consumption: 6.0 litres. Weaker Diesel and gasoline units will follow. Similarly, we expect two AMG derivatives: a 400-horsepower A 45, as well as the 280-HP "AMG Light" – and a Plug-in Hybrid.

New dual-clutch, spaßigerer all-wheel drive

A 250 and A 180d are supplied as standard with seven-speed dual-clutch. When A 200 is optional (series: six-speed manual switch). The 250 uses an optimized Version of the previous transmission. The weaker engine versions will get a new Getrag. The 4Matic all-wheel drive is an extra charge for all the variants available. The fully variable Haldex System has been trimmed to be more agile and to change its characteristic in the individual driving modes are noticeable.

Three drive units to choice

This brings us directly to the driving behavior. The front of the new A axis-class a McPherson. In the back there are for the weaker models, a torsion beam axle for the stronger, and the all-wheel drive variants, and a four-link axle. To do this, you have the choice of three chassis. The comfort suspension is standard. Optionally, you can get the so-called "lowered comfort suspension" (minus 15 mm) and a suspension with adaptive dampers. A stiffer body shell, is likely to help the smallest Benz dynamic. Mercedes relies on significantly more solid and high-strength steels, the weight remains on the previous level. From the factory, the A-class rolls on 16-inch tyres, 19 inch wheels you will find in the prospectus but also.

Inside, the Best or nothing

We come to the absolute Highlight of the third A-class Generation. By that we mean everything that you experience when you sit in it. To be quite honest: in addition to this the interior, the Premium looks self-competition from damn old. Ambience: a cooler, younger Version of the known fine S - and E-class composition. Except that you have to pay in the E-class for fat Displays. A base Option with analog instruments? In the A-class. It starts with two Seven-inch screens. In addition, the combination of 7-inch and 10.25 - inch Display ranks, the Topausführung are twice 10.25 inches. As the first Mercedes A-class gets a Touchscreen, a Touchpad on the center console and the E - and S-class well-known Touch-Control Buttons on the steering Wheel.

High-tech to no end

Almost entirely according to personal preferences, the fully digital instrument cluster that allows the configuration of the Instrument (only in the 10.25-inch Screen). In Fullscreen mode, the entire area of the instrument cluster is used for the representation of the assistance for travel or Navigation. Speaking of Navi: A completely new Feature is the Augmented Reality added to the map display. With the help of the front camera captured video image of the environment is enriched by helpful navigation information, for example, note the arrows or the house numbers are automatically displayed directly to the image on the touch screen. In addition, MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Xperience) identifies your habits and makes appropriate suggestions. Don't call just to often on Fridays, in the Evening, your mother-in-law, the A-class remembers everything.

A-class is probably almost everything

Highlights from Mercedes voice recognition, which not only responds to defined commands, but also in an indirect language. Let's go with "Hey Mercedes" (greetings to Cupertino). Then you say, for example, simply "I'm cold" instead of "temperature 24 degrees". At the same time, the System is capable of learning and do Not understand native speakers better. Something scary: The Software models on the Server to learn with time, new buzzwords, or a changed use of language. At some point, the Swabian Siri will understand the Slang of their children better than you.

Wizard from the S-class

It all sounds a lot like the upper class? Don't worry, there's more: Head-up Display? Seats with ventilation and massage function? Ambient lighting in 64 colors? You get it all. In addition, the complete assistance systems-the Arsenal from the S-class. Including semi-Autonomous driving functions and automatic speed adjustment prior to Ortsschildern, roundabouts or speed limits. Oh Yes, practical the new A-class also. The shelves in the doors now also 1.5-Liter bottles, and generally more space for all of your small stuff in the interior. If this is not the end of time, the most important thing. Prices are not fixed by the way. We assume, however, that a A-class is milling with all the mistaken new technology Features holes of unknown size in your account. After the Geneva auto salon in March, 2018, we will know more.(sw)