Aggressive, noble, even faster

New York (United States), March 23, 2016

Believe it or not, but the most discussed car of the Internet is already nine years old. Since then, Nissan year after year has rather brush teeth as really a noticeable facelift to take care. At the New York Auto Show 2016 (25 March to 3 April) changed that now. The Nissan GT-R 2017 receives the biggest facelift since its introduction in 2007. There's a new face, a significantly higher quality interior, as well as shockingly even more power.

New family face

It starts with a new "V-motion"-grille that the GT-R gets closer to the rest of the family (such as the Qashqai and Juke). It includes a new front bumper, which should provide more downforce and related spoiler lip. The newly formed side skirts will recognize only real GT-R stalker also the slightly less enthusiastic fan sees the modified rear with raised "belt line" on the other hand. Nissan promises more optical breadth and aggressiveness on the bottom scale and overall less air resistance at constant output values.

Inside clearly beautiful

But the biggest GT-R facelift profiteer is the Interior. Godzilla Haute its much more expensive competitors driving dynamics often neatly into the Pan, it was over quickly with the glory if you look into the cockpit. Now that will change thanks to a redesign of the dashboard and instrument panel. Both are considered with an extensive animal skin treatment. Also very nice: The knopfübersähte Middle console area purifies himself through a brand new eight inch Infotainment System. There are now eleven keys instead of 27, operation and menu control to simplify greatly. For the stressed-out hearing (Yes, in the GT-R's could be sometimes quite noisy) Nissan bought more interior insulation, despite of all acceleration brutality, the GT character to apparently more will be implemented. Consistent with the review of the dual-clutch transmission that will somewhat gentler to get its six speeds one around the ears. The associated paddles are no longer rigid, but append to a significantly upgraded steering wheel. You must no longer grasp so when switching on, while one heroic and much too fast the Northern loop down caddy.

More power, more sound

For all cut, the Nissan's engineers 2017er-GT-R for increasing coziness with the on the way a bit of time for the GRRRR in GT-R seems to have been even. Yes, in the terribly strong 3.8-liter Twin-Turbo V6 they found indeed a little performance. Modified turbos and a variable control of ignition timing make sure that 570 HP and 633 Newonmeter on the immensely effective GT-R wheel drive be released now. 20 HP and a Newton metres are more than before. On the 0-100 km/h – time of 2.8 seconds, this probably does not. Since the neck any attempt even before part hurt, this is also not so bad. However, Godzilla to roar now noticeably louder. According to Nissan, sure that the noise from the four tailpipes of meeting "never better has sounded" provide modified engine, a new titanium muffler and the so-called "active sound enhancement".

Summer 2016

Last but not least you made before even the chassis of the Nissan GT-R is. Not require according to Nissan that he really needed it, but the more rigid body structure and a new suspension again improved curves behavior when at the same time increased driving comfort. For the price, Nissan still does not make information. So far launched the GT-R at 96,900 euros. The one or the other euro facelift surcharge would not be surprised. Market launch is in summer 2016.(sw)