ADAC winter tyres test In 2017: It doesn't have to be always a Premium

Munich, 26. September 2017

The more expensive tyre is not necessarily the Better one? What are the categories of buyers of winter tires should pay attention to? Sometimes surprising answers in the latest winter tyre test in 2017, the automotive clubs ADAC.Has been tested to be a VW Golf-size 195/65 R15, on the other, the SUV-Format 215/65 R16.

Brand fetishism is not worth it

In the case of the 195er Tires in a surprising result was: The lower second marks of the well-known tire manufacturer to overtake partially the original. The Goodyear-developed ESA+ Tecar Super Grip achieved with the grade "good" in the second place among 16 tested tyre models. The brand of the product in the form of the Goodyear ultra grip 9 lands, however, "satisfactory", three places behind it. Even more significant is the difference in the home of Michelin. The cheaper the product, the Kleber Krisalp HP3 occupied with "good" third place, while the Michelin Alpin 5, with the "satisfactory" only in twelfth place.

Differences in wear and tear and fuel consumption

The 215er tyre for SUVs, the ADAC noted strong differences in the areas of wear and tear and fuel consumption. The Avon WV7 achieved a mileage of 28,000 km, while the Michelin Alpin 5 brings it to almost 62,000 miles. The consumption of eight percent or half a litre on 100 kilometres lie between best (Goodyear), and the worst tyres (Pirelli). In addition to comparing prices, motorists should also pay attention to the individual categories, recommended by the ADAC.

All results at a glance

The complete test results please see our photo gallery.(rh)