Across Australia in the Twingo

Brühl, 13 December 2016

Imagine me, you were planning a long off-road trip through the outback of Australia. Which car would you take it? In any case an SUV, or? Maybe a Mercedes G-class or a defender of Land Rover. Most people would probably put on a tiny city cars with front-wheel drive and low ground clearance. The French journalist Jean Dulon decided 22 years ago for a Renault Twingo, which was at that time fresh on the market. He set a record and had ornate small French. Now wanders the record Twingo in the Museum.

By advertising in the outback

25,000 kilometers in two months, about 8,000 of them on dirt roads in the middle of the Australian anywhere. And all this in a Renault Twingo. How to get on as a crazy idea? Jean Dulon has inspired by the former advertising slogan for the Twingo: "advertising's aim was, to develop a lifestyle that fits the character of the Twingo. I then very literally the slogan and at Renault, asked if I could get a Twingo for a special adventure. This concerned me especially, to create a link between the tiny car Twingo and the vast continent of Australia."

Twingo at the National Museum

And so it was that drove Jean two weeks without GPS, navigation, or unassisted criss-cross through Australia. The Twingo was the first two-wheel drive car that reached the northernmost point of the continent. At the end of his journey he decorate the Twingo by two local artists in the pattern of traditional Aboriginal works. Renault took up the whole story and used even an image of Marathon Twingo in an advertising campaign. The slogan of this? "The new Renault Twingo is like a boomerang. No matter how far they send him, he returns again and again". Now, the record-Renault enters his last journey to the Australian National Museum. (mf)