Aardgasversie Skoda Citigo available again

In the middle of this year, Skoda the aardgasversie of the Citigo in the price list. That aardgasversie by the WLTP-mangle removed and is in the back and on the price list.

The leveringsgamma of Skoda's Citigo was to date from only one motorversie: the 60 hp 1.0 Greentech in the tastes Active, Ambition and Style available. The Citigo, which only as a five-door available, is also now again as G-Tec,

The Citigo G-Tec has a 1.0-litre three-cylinder in the nose which in addition to gasoline natural gas (CNG) lust. Skoda gives its Citigo G-Tec again only in combination with the level of equipment Ambition. This variant should be € 14.770 costs. The regular 1.0 cost performance € 12.570. The G-Tec has two CNG tanks with a total of 12 kilos of natural gas can up, good for a range of 330 kilometers. In addition, a fuel tank with a capacity of 10 litres.

The standard equipment includes things like an uneven share flip down rear seat, cup holder, Cit Safe Drive, chrome accents, front bumpers zijspiegelkappen, a glove box, SD, USB and AUX connections, rain and light sensor, and a two-tone dashboard.