A pick -up from BMW?

Traverse City, Michigan ( USA ), August 6, 2014

Let us remember times at the beautiful college days. Dusty professors try in seemingly endless lectures, prepare for the " real " world. After ten semesters then you get a diploma pressed in the hand is released to this world and notes: I do not know anything! If we had just all the Clemson University in South Carolina ( USA ) visited and studied automotive engineering. Each year, design, plan and manufacture the students of the University according to certain specifications and with support from the automotive industry a vehicle prototype. This year's study looks like the crazy idea of a new BMW crossover specifically for the land of opportunity ?? the based on the BMW X3 Deep Orange 4 pick-up.

Coupé line with pick-up truck bed

Was revised especially the rear of the compact Bavaria. The strong roof line now falls like a coupe from down and shape refers rather to the brand brother X4. Instead of a closed trunk of the small crossover has an open bed now. A window behind the rear seats separates the load compartment from the passenger compartment. So the inmates are indeed continue to be protected from wind and weather, but the baggage must remain outside. Practically, it would only be appreciated if you, as so often, love the hardware store in the so tall houseplant. Then it's on Divided loading door, store the plant in the open cargo bed, doors to and from home. How often pays for that? Depending on how you like to falls for large plants or other large luggage.

Collaboration as a learning process

Pragmatism aside, the real goal of the project is to bring a X3 - pick-up in mass production. BMW is what the collaboration about making new and innovative approaches incorporated into existing production processes. So the students have developed in addition to the changes in design and functionality, cost-effective production plan for the Deep Orange 4 . (ml)