A look at the new BMW 5 series

Munich, 28 July 2016

Actually, BMW guards the successor of a volume model like the 5 series as a State secret. Only at the Paris Motor Show (1st to 16th October 2016) the cloth is drawn sedan referred 5 the internal G30, beginning 2017 sale going. But now the Bayern allow a glimpse of the car.

New 5-series is based on the 7 series

The next 5 series is naturally still disguised, too BMW would not disclose his cards. Despite the coverage, it is clear that it cleverly developed the past and refined with elements of the 7ers. From the big brother then many assistance systems but not applied, the carbon elements for parts of the body. The keyword body brings us to what BMW wants to show actually in connection with the photos: first car manufacturer using a special machine concept. In a fully-automated optical sensor, mobile robot arms by sensors using three-dimensional depict the entire vehicle. A 3D model with extreme accuracy comes from the collected data. Barely visible deviations can be identified as early.

More quality in series

Eduard Obst, head of the measuring technology used in BMW, explains: "we get a complete 3D-Datenmodell with a single measurement. Elaborate individual measurements are eliminated. So we save time and increase the quality at the start of mass production." The so-called pre-series serves this purpose: here are details yet optimized and errors corrected, at the same time, it is in the "dress rehearsal" for the processes in the production. She will start approximately at the same time for the premiere of the new 5ers around the 1 October 2016 around. (rh)