720 Horsepower and 650 Newton metres for the BMW Coupé

Aresing, 22 may 2017

G-power wants to built the ultimate BMW M3 for the track and the road. As a basis an M3 had to have produced Coupé of E92 generation, which was built from 2007 to 2013. The name of the pretty Orange ClubSport model? M3 GT2 S hurricane. The technical data and the performance? More than breathtaking.

Plus 300 PS, plus 250 NM

We come directly to the heart: the engine. Because it is not the current generation of M3, standard yet an aspirated V8 engine sits under the hood. The displacement of the unit was extended from 4.0 to 4.5 liters. In addition, G-power used many forged engine parts. New pistons, new connecting rods and a new crankshaft. The stronger components are necessary, because the motor now gets air through a compressor that operates with a charging pressure of 0.8 bar. The results are 720 Horsepower and 650 Newton metres of torque. The V8 "only" on 420 Horsepower and 400 Newton metres comes from the factory. According to G-power, M3 pumped up breaks the 200 km/h mark in 9.8 seconds. The maximum speed should be at over 330 km/h.

New chassis, new brakes

So the additional power is reliable on the road, a rear limited-slip differential is used. In addition, G-power installed a Coilover suspension in the in-house "Nurburgring Setup". Delay is with a ceramic brake system. Front and rear axle were newly stored.

Halloween look: inside and outside

Even when the lens is not messy, but immeasurably bigger: sitting 19-inch forged racing rims in the wheel arches, the wide body kit consists of carbon, and the entire car was painted in a striking Orange tone. Not enough carbon? Also, the hood and doors are made of the material. The Interior is very minimalist. The rear seats are history and almost every part of the cabin is covered with Alcantara. The circular instruments have been replaced by a digital multifunction display and for safety reasons, there is now a roll cage and a built-in fire suppression system.

Not a bargain

Might you be interested in the M3 GT2 S Hurricane? G-power can build a vehicle you request. However, you should plan something more money than for a usual M3 of this series. The complete vehicle strikes with juicy 348.531 euros. (ml)