2x draught for the new Seat Ibiza

Lennestadt, 16. February 2018

The new Seat Ibiza is the better Polo? You decide for yourself. Fixed: thanks to Volkswagen's MQB modular system, the new Seat has won the Ibiza felt. And in all directions. The court, in Infotainment, in quality ... just in terms of sportiness, there's the one or the other for sure still a need for improvement. The suspension experts at H&R to see the apparently similar and have been developed for the new Ibiza are two different sets of sport springs.

Up to 50 mm down

The so-called H&R Performance Kit for the Polo-brother with a 35 or 50 mm lowering. In addition to the sharpened look of the chassis, the tuner promises to be "a better steering behaviour, less Body roll in corners and confident behavior in the case of lateral acceleration". The H&R lowering springs come with a parts report, in the case of a 35-mm-variant, even with ABE, say, free: registration.

Wider Stand

Ibiza deep enough, but the wheels are still hanging in the wheel arches as ordered and not picked up? The Trak+wheel spacers should change it. H&R offers the plates for the Ibiza with Widths between 16 and 44 mm per axis. The prices here start at 76 euros. The sport springs cost 221 Euro (35 mm) and 250 euros for the 50-mm Version.(sw)