275: Caterham Launches New Model

Neuwied, May 7, 2015

People who have already had the pleasure to know: There is hardly anything more bizarre, than driving a Caterham. However, there is hardly anything that 's more fun. In Germany, the ultra-light and not quite weatherproof sports cigars are sold despite a loyal fan base in rather small doses. This could, among others, are the model program. This is in fact quite extreme even for Caterham ratios ?? in the one as in the other direction. We have since the nearly 26,300-euro Caterham 165, the frail but acts with its 80 - horsepower turbocharged three-cylinder Suzuki and his super narrow fret a little. And then we would have the Caterham 485. The blowing one with its 240-horsepower high-speed suction of any Ford brain out of the skull, but also costs at least 54,621 euros. A lot of money for a fourth through tenth car.

270 hp per ton. almost

Something in the middle would be quite good to cheer on the career of the old flyweight again. Caterham seems quite similar to see and brings the European continent now the new Caterham 275. based on the British Caterham Road Sport 125 and has a 1.6-liter Ford Sigma engine with 135 hp and 165 Nm of torque on board. The weight is 540 kg, which means a power to weight ratio of 270 hp per ton, according to Caterham. Taking to the Euro 5 standard in the ring, there is also the explanation for the name of the car. Um ?? Very well. We send the British again in the math class and look forward while on the driving performance. In smooth five seconds it goes to 100 km / h top speed at 196 km / h. And with an average consumption of 6.2 liters.

From 35 694 Euro

Caterham called the 275 " the driving experience that you've always wanted, whether. For the Sunday trip to the countryside, a road trip through Europe or the occasional round at the Nürburgring " The journey through Europe for us rather sounds like a threat. Nevertheless, the prices for the Caterham 275 start at 35,694 euros. The standard equipment includes a five-speed manual transmission, 14 - inch wheels, a heater and a little carpet. For 39,443 there is something more comfortable 275S, which has, among other 15-incher, leather seats, a wheel, a roof and more Carpet. The racetrack fraction should pick up the 275R, the mechanical limited-slip differential, a rear stabilizer, 15-inch model with Cupbereifung, Carbon leather seats and otherwise pretty much carbon to the bodywork and cockpit brings to 42,775 euros.

For an extra charge, the car grows

If you are over 1.90 meters or suffer from acute claustrophobia, Caterham recommended the so-called SV chassis. For 3,150 euros makes it the 275 longer and wider and has a larger tank. The gauge grows forward. The weight increases by 25 kg. Additional equipment include a six-speed gearbox, a roll cage, a fire extinguisher and a gearshift indicator. The Caterham 275 can be ordered now . ( sw )