1.165 HP and less than 1.6 tons of hard

Los Angeles (USA), 1. December 2017

At the Los Angeles Auto Show (1. to 10. December 2017) the shells of the same series. If it's going to be a super athlete, watch the Fans, of course. So when FXE from the Californian high-tech suppliers Aria.

Compressor-V8 plus two electric motors

The 4.47-Meter long and 1.14 meters high racer is powered by a hybrid system of the extra class: 1.165 HP of power and 1.784 Newton-meters of torque speak for themselves. Aria combines a supercharged V8 with an 8.2-Liter engine with two electric motors on the front axle and a Lithium-ion battery stores ten kilowatt-hours of electrical energy. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. In addition, Aria respects the weight: A Carbon Monocoque and a Carbon body and titanium components from the 3D printer to lower the weight to 1.565 pounds. The FXE is intended to create the Standard sprint in around 3.1 seconds, and a peak of 354 km/h.

Not before 2019

The development of the FXE began a year ago, another will pass before the first prototypes are finished. That is to say, the car will probably not come before 2019 on the market. What it will cost, not yet determined, but the car should be able to compete on price terms with the competition from Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren.(sl)