Morgan Aero Coupe

With the Morgan Aero Coupe presented the forged British in 2012 before its latest coup in retro style. The Morgan Aero Coupe cars is a beautiful eye-catching style that is based on cutting-edge components such as aluminum chassis and independent suspension. Also been provided by BMW V8 with 4.9 liters of displacement is up to date and provides the Morgan Aero Coupe has a power output of 367 hp. With only 1,175 kg curb weight, the Morgan Aero Coupe is a thoroughbred sports car, acting through its individual lines very special. The two-seater can also score points for 2 people on the long haul, but it offers compared to sports cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini plenty of storage space for holiday travel. In addition to a six-speed gearbox of the BMW buyer of a Morgan Aero Coupe cars can odern an optional six-speed ZF automatic transmission, the two modes (Sport Auto) is adjustable and mitigate, the fuel consumption. Performance is accordingly for a sports car : in just 4.5 seconds, the Morgan Aero Coupe sprints from zero to 100 and runs a top speed of up to 273 km / h With 12.1 liters (11.0 with automatic) Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, the Morgan Aero Coupe is very moderate.