Mg A

Production of the MG A began in 1956. The model was built as a coupe and as a roadster and was available with a 1500 cc four cylinder engine that made ​​70 hp at first. Between 1958 and 1960, a more powerful version of the sports car by the band, which reached a top speed of around 185 km / h with a special 108 bhp twin cam engine also ran under the name MG A Twin Cam. Technically revised and with 10 additional horsepower under the hood, the 1959 MG A 1600 came on the market. In 1961 came the MG A 1600 Mark II, who presented with enlarged engine, modified tail lights and a new grille. In 1962, the production of the MG A MG B was in favor of the successor set. By MG A over 100,000 examples were built over the entire term. Discover at this website at the huge selection of offerings including rare vintage and historical models from the USA or England.