Mazda 626 Kombi

The Mazda 626 Kombi with 4.67 m long and 1.51 m height of 80 mm higher and longer than the sedan and also 60 mm longer wheelbase. What steering, brakes and suspension as well as the safety package with driver, passenger and front side air bags concerned, the combination corresponds to the Mazda 626 sedan models. The three petrol engines offered by the Mazda 626 Estate car based on four-cylinder engines with multi-valve technology, the base 100 hp has a displacement of 1.9 liters and have the other two engines over 2 liters capacity with 115 hp or 136 hp. The turbo-diesel direct injection engine also has 2 liters and develops 100 hp. The Mazda 626 Estate of the 2000 vintage presented differs from its predecessor in January 1998, especially with a new exterior design and the front facade, which shows the typical Mazda family face with a five-point grille. For extremely long freight transport can be the Mazda 626 Kombi even the front passenger seat folded down.