GMC Syclone

The Syclone is a high performance sport version of the GMC Sonoma pickup truck, built by 1991 until 1992. The first vehicles were delivered to the GMC Syclone exclusively black in color. GMC Syclone in a 280-hp 4.3-liter six-cylinder turbocharged engine from Mitsubishi works. This accelerates the 1550 kg heavy pick-up in less than five seconds from 0-100 km / h, top speed is 200 km / h The GMC Syclone has a permanent four-wheel drive, which is to ensure optimal power distribution. The switch accepts a four-speed automatic. Overall, the GMC Syclone was built just under 3,000 times. Who wants to buy a new or used car is right at this website. Here you will also find sporting pick-ups like the GMC Syclone.