Ferrari 750

A Ferrari with only four cylinders ? Yes, there is such a thing actually ! The Ferrari 750 Monza 1954 has a three-liter four-cylinder engine with 260 horsepower under the hood and ever - so - accelerated translation up to a maximum speed of 257 km / h The large hole in the four-cylinder Ferrari 750 Monza requires a dual ignition, the mixture is processed by a DCOA - Weber carbs. The nickname receives the Ferrari 750 Monza by winning the same race 27 Juni, 1954. Only the first Ferrari 750 was clothed by Pininfarina, the 30 specimens were given a series of body Scaglietti. All who wish to purchase an exclusive new or used car should look at this website. Here you will find, among other things, Italian vintage car like the Ferrari 750 Monza, as well as new or used in all variants, whether. Coupe and Convertible

Ferrari 750 photos