Cobra 427

The AC Cobra 427, an open, two-seat sports car that was designed by the British company AC (Car Carrier) developed in collaboration with the Texan racer Carroll Shelby and was originally intended for racing. Series production of the Shelby Cobra roadster began in 1962. The uncompromising lightweight construction in conjunction with the hugely powerful V8 Ford engine with 400 hp made ​​the Shelby Cobra to the then fastest road car in the world. By their round, brawny shapes, the fire-breathing side pipes and the lush bubbling of the powerful V8 engine, the AC Cobra was the epitome of the American muscle cars. Today only a few genuine Cobra Roadster is available as a classic car, daf ÜR offer numerous dealers in the car as a kit or as ready-mounted replica. These replicas are only slightly different from the original, depending on the quality. Looking for the ultimate sports car as a roadster, coupe or convertible ? In this website you can request your car, for example, an AC Cobra 427, buy at a fair price.