Chevrolet Corvette C3

In the third, introduced in the fall of 1967 Chevrolet Corvette C3 generation designer David Holl took over the heavily curved body line of show cars Mako Shark II. With nearly 543,000 models built in 15 years, the Corvette C3 builds on the successes of their predecessors. The lascivious swing above the wheel arches of these models is similar to the also strongly waisted Coca-Cola bottle. Accordingly, the Corvette C3 denote fans as " Coke Bottle Shape " Corvette. 1969 appeared on the front fenders of the word " Stingray " on, unlike the C2 versions it is written together. Fresh air enjoyment now offer the C3 Corvette coupes : As a novelty in production cars they have removable roof panels in a T-shape. Even the vertical rear window can be removed the first five years of production. Ab1977 spendieren the C3 Corvette designers as part of a facelift the sports car a fastback with a large rear glass dome behind the B-pillar. Powerful than the 1970-1974 big-block Corvette was never a : Proud 7.4 liters ! 1971 Mark 425 hp maximum power a production version in the history of American sports car legend Chevrolet Corvette. For 1976 model year, the Corvette convertibles disappear from the program. Find online from this website a cheap sports car as a new vehicle, annual or used cars.