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1932 saw the birth of the first real BMW cars : the BMW 3/20 PS is available as a closed two-door, as an open touring car, or convertible with four seats. The new car has the BMW 3/15 Dixi almost nothing in common with double-tube frame, oscillating rear axle and independent front suspension, the BMW 3/20 PS offers a driving experience like a big car. Within about a year, was created with the BMW 3/20 PS not only a new car, but also a new engine. In Eisenach had been fully focused on the automotive industry, while Munich was responsible for the four-cylinder. The new, 20-hp engine with 782 cc engine has overhead valves and runs much quieter than its English predecessor. The new body of the BMW 3/20 PS also offers more comfort. About 7000 units are produced at the same time, however, one thinks in Munich and Eisenach on a cart after that should provide with more power than the BMW 3/20 PS for more sales. Discover at this website at the huge selection of offerings including rare vintage and historical models from the USA or Germany.

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Technical details

2012 3 Gasoline 320 HP Hatchback
Seriessince 2012
Engine capacity2979 cm³
Performance320 HP (235 kW)
Top speed250 km/h
Acceleration (0-100 km/h)4,9 sec
Gearbox8-speed automatic
Drivepermanent all-wheel
Number of doors3
Number of seats4
Body typeHatchback
CO2 emissions182 g/km
Environmental zone4
Emission ClassEuro 5
Consumption according to the manufacturer10,8 l/100km (city) 6,1 l/100km (highway) 7,8 l/100km (total)
Actual consumption--
Length4,34 m
Width1,76 m
Height1,41 m
Boot volume360 l
Empty weight1440 kg
Payload530 kg
Insurance class18 HF / 23 TK / 26 VK

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