BMW 2er Cabrio

With the BMW 2er convertible was created next to the model change from the 1 Series Convertible, the Bavarian company also parallel with the BMW 2-series, a new class of vehicle to not only visually delineate convertible and coupe from the classic limousine. From the design, the new BMW Convertible 2-different with a lot of wit to a sportier look compared to the BMW 1 Series Convertible. Now a solid roof is also optionally available for the new car, the soft top is standard equipment remains on the BMW 2-Series Convertible. Motor side takes this chic car back to the aggregates of the 1 Series. Also, the drive train and the bottom group were adapted from the entry-level BMW Bavaria for the 2-convertible. Only the length of the vehicle increased by 3 centimeters, the height, however, declined by 6 centimeters, of the sporty BMW 2-Convertible now emphasizes more. In the basic model of the BMW 2-Convertible car a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that produces a power of 143 hp works. The top model of the famous BMW Convertible 2-M engine is installed. The 6-cylinder engine develops 340 hp and is a significant guarantee for sporty performance. When equipped with auto ignition, the BMW makes of 2 convertible 143-204 hp.