The presented in May 1979, the public transporters third - generation of Volkswagen AG conceptually linked to the previous VW T2, and how this was produced in cab-over design and a rear engine. The VW T3 offers a widened to 125 mm in body length and height but unchanged, according to more passenger and cargo space than the T2 and allows a transport load of 1 ton. The uniform flat-engine design with cooling fan on the crankshaft, the usable space of the Volkswagen T3 about the boxer engines with 1.6 and 2.0 liter capacity could be increased quite considerably. In their performance both air-cooled VW T3 build engines with 50 horsepower from 1.6-liter displacement and 70 hp from a displacement of 2 liters to the tensile behavior and hill climbing ability of the predecessor. The Volkswagen Transporter T3 as Westfalia camper is manufactured in several standard models for mobile travel. The VW T3 runs in numerous versions of Ribbon : panel van, combi without seating arrangement and seating, as a seven-, eight-and nine-seater, a luxury version, a pickup truck, Greater bunk and a double cab (double cab). Buy or sell a new or used car from this website.