VW Caddy BiFuel

Since early summer 2011, the VW Caddy Bi-Fuel is available as new cars and extended the offer to this vehicle family of transporters and the family van. Whether as a pickup truck or van for a large family, with the new VW Caddy Bi-Fuel can be the maintenance of fuel to keep within reasonable limits and should not be detectable LPG filling station, running the VW Caddy Bi-Fuel cars with premium gasoline. When engine is a 1.6 - liter petrol engine is fitted to the 102 bhp delivers the VW Caddy Bi-Fuel. In addition to the 60-liter fuel tank, the VW Caddy Bi-Fuel has a 44-liter LPG tank which is installed under the floor of the factory. With an average consumption of 8.0 liters or 5.7 liters Super LPG per 100 kilometers, the VW Caddy Bi-Fuel cars can reach an audience of nearly 1,100 kilometers. For the comfort of the Volkswagen Caddy Bi-Fuel can be equipped with all standard fittings from the caddy shelf. And for those who still need a little larger, the VW Caddy Maxi order, with a larger cargo area, also known as Bi-variant, or find a used car.