Toyota 2000 GT

At the 12th Tokyo Motor Show 1965 was the Toyota 2000 GT, the sensation: the Toyota 2000 GT was sort of Japan's first supercar. The coupe joined timeless elegance, modern technology and superior performance with impressive handling characteristics. Thus, the Toyota 2000 GT catapulted at eye level of elite sports cars of its time. Until the beginning of series production but again two years passed. In the production period from 1967 to 1970 created only 351 copies of the Toyota 2000 GT. The success of the Toyota 2000 GT was also therefore less in the commercial sector. The sports car gained fame on the racetrack, in the movie and he was the first Toyota's image bearers, whose fascination remains unchallenged. Spry and capable racing is one of the Toyota 2000 GT now one of the most exclusive vintage cars in the world and is a welcome celebrity at all important meetings of classic automobiles. Discover at this website at the huge selection of offerings including rare vintage and historical models from the USA or Japan.