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The Fury model of the U.S. automobile manufacturer Plymouth was built between 1956 and 1989. The most popular model is the Fury built in 1958, which became the leading role in Stephen King film Christine celebrity. The first Fury Convertible - also called Convertible - 1960 was put on the market after 1959, the Sport Fury model was introduced. Between 1966 and 1969, a luxury version of the Fury was under the name of Plymouth VIP also produced. During the 70 years Plymouth reduced the size of its vehicles. Only the large sedan Gran Fury, a former Fury variant retained their original format.

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Anonym 2014-03-22

beautiful cars, i have always it was a shame Chrysler chose to scratch
the Plymouth. many of the years they were equally gorgeous, as in
1955, 1963, 1965, 1966, for many of the years of the 1970's. the
Satelite (sp.) was another winner; my parents' 1974 Grand Syle was
a beauty, nothing Malibu, Coronet, Marguis, or Torino could match! i
thought, so to 'be better' in style was out reach, in 1974. I was
always proud of my rich-maroon shade 1980 Volare, a wonderful car. kcr

markus 2014-03-23

After running the model Fury in 1956 it always has the largest of the engines were before Chrysler. Engine model 1957's years with 5.2 liters was disappeared and it was replaced by a more powerful V-shaped eight-volume of 5.7 liters. Plymouth Fury has a reputation as the best car in the management of Detroit in 1957 and this was achieved mainly thanks to the new suspension for 1957 Chrysler, with longitudinal torsion bar in the front. The design was so good that lasted until 1980. The car was easy to operate and also because it is different from the low center of gravity due to the low planting machine. The design was typical of those years, with high "dorsal crests", panoramic windscreen and rear windows and side windows without racks.