Wireless charger in BMWs apparently destroys the new iPhone (and that is sometimes extra inconvenient)

Because you can also use the iPhone as a car key...

It took some years, but Apple has also finally switched to USB-C. And BMW drivers with the latest iPhone should immediately purchase such a cable for the car, because wireless charging is not completely perfect. It looks like the wireless charger is destroying the NFC chip in the new iPhone 15.

Several iPhone 15 owners are complaining on the internet about BMW's wireless charging. While charging, the phone becomes very hot and only a few percent of the battery power is lost. In addition, owners of an iPhone 15 are no longer able to make contactless payments after wireless charging in a BMW.

Several iPhone 15 users report that the phone shows a white screen when placed on BMW's charging platform. The smartphone then goes into recovery mode. When the user turns their smartphone back on, everything seems normal until you want to make contactless payments. The phone then gives the error message that Apple Pay cannot be started.

Extra inconvenient: no longer unlocking your car

There seems to be a problem with the NFC chip. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. The phone makes contact with another device via this chip. You use the NFC chip to make contactless payments, but you can also use the chip to unlock and start your BMW. Quite difficult if you have your keys at home and rely on your phone.

BMW tells The Drive they are looking into the problem. According to Apple, the iPhone is programmed to regulate charging power and temperature. Your smartphone notifies you when it becomes too hot and can switch off systems itself. The iPhone will – hopefully – not spontaneously combust, but the problem with the NFC chip will remain an issue for the time being.