What really helps? Protection against car theft

Protection against car theft

According to statistics, a car is stolen every half hour in Germany. While the number of car thefts declined 2014 according to the latest surveys of the two of insurers (GDV) 4.8 percent, yet the company almost the same amount of compensation paid to their customers still with €262 million as a year earlier. As the Goslar reported consumer-oriented Insurance Institute, the reason that the average value of the stolen cars rose to a new record high.

They are often organized, highly professionally active gangs at work. The chance that the stolen vehicle is recovered, is rather low. No insurance has been completed for the vehicle, the damage lies solely with the owner. But it should not unnecessarily facilitate life also thieves who have bent only on prey out of the car.

Basically, the Goslar advises Institute to do so to leave any valuables in the car when leaving the vehicle. This is true not only for mobile phones, cameras and similar devices, but also for CDs. If possible the navigation unit and the control unit of the car radio should be included also. It is important that Windows, doors, trunk, and sunroof are closed, even if you are only briefly away from the car and that the car doors are actually locked. Because car thieves can now block the function the remote control easily with an inhibitor.

Electronic alarm systems, which can also be retrofitted if necessary provide additional security. But mechanical safeguards seem like a gearshift - and/or steering wheel lock, as well as the Park's claw as deterrent on auto cracker, because they make theft more difficult and take time. Another modern method to secure a car is the so-called artificial DNA: here, the vehicle identification number is chemically etched in the side Windows. Experts consider it generally advisable to indicate protective measures with stickers on the side Windows, because a vehicle is fast uninteressanter for Automarder.

When a carjacking, police and insurance must be as soon as possible informed anyway. For a leased vehicle, also the lessor is to inform. If a partial cover insurance is complete, these replaced the replacement - or time value of the car. Who wants to insure the full purchase price, which can take a corresponding guarantee in his insurance policy. (ampnet/jri)