VW pays homage to the Curry sausage

Wolfsburg, 3 March 2016

It is the best-selling VW product all over the world. Now you devote an own exhibition in the VW Museum the classics from Wolfsburg. And the talk is not of the beetle, but the Curry Wurst!

Successful product

Since 1973, the VW Curry Wurst is manufactured in the factory butcher after a top secret recipe. The love for the brand goes even so far, that the synthetic gut, in which the sausage is filled with imprinted VW "Volkswagen original parts" is. After 2014 already established a sales record with six million sausages, the Curry sausage found by 2015 even 7.2 million customers.

Museum devoted to Currywurst

The special exhibition in the VW Museum introduces visitors in addition to the VW Curry sausage also on other "Curryiositäten". Can you try a curry juice, for example, or his taste, which sausage spice one has just in front of the. Also the crazy Currywurst Bulli from Austria will be in the exhibition. From March 3 until May 29, 2016, the VW museum devoted to Currywurst is. Well bekomms! (mf)