VW has also cheated because of Adblue consumption

Wolfsburg, 10 December 2015

In the exhaust affair of the VW Group, there are new findings about how it came to the NOx fudging. At a press conference today have declared the state of affairs when it comes to diesel scandal Aufsichtsratsschef Hans Dieter Pötsch and CEO Matthias Müller. The thing with the nitrogen oxides " presents itself not as a one-time error, but an error chain is, that was not broken. "

SCR catalytic converter is installed incorrectly

According to VW had decided in 2005 for a large diesel offensive in the USA. Because no way was found to meet the stringent US standards " on time and on budget ," the well-known cheat software was used with cycle recognition ?? this error number one was already known. Later, it came then however to another error: " As then was an effective industrial process for NOx reduction is available in the further course, it was not used in the way it would have been possible, the software in question caused rather that the reducing agent. was injected ?? AdBlue ' in different high doses. " This means that a lot has been injected from the additive to reduce nitric oxide levels on the test, on the road a little, lest too much Adblue but was consumed. In this way, the consumption of the agent was lowered to elegant, but illegal and little environmentally friendly way.

Unclean solution of Adblue problem

The referenced " effective method " is obviously the SCR catalyst with AdBlue injection. Particularly heavy and strong diesel vehicles often need this combination to achieve low NOx values ​​. The problem: If the additive tank required for this small, needs to be constantly refilled, it is large, increases the weight of the vehicle and therefore its consumption. The VW engineers apparently used the detection cycle, to lower additive consumption.

The dataset of 50 million books

Apart from the special aspect of Adblue, the declarations of the two VW bosses offered little new. The Group must change its corporate culture, it said. All processes stood there on the bench. For example, will in future be strictly respected in the two-man rule in programming the engine software. Mid-2016 will be presented also a " Strategy 2025 " one of the central issues of the future. Were interesting yet the numbers that show how complicated the investigation: Not less than 450 internal and external experts are entrusted with. They secured a dataset of more than 100 terabytes ?? equivalent to about 50 million books . ( sl )