VW and Ford together in self-propelled cars

The talks between Volkswagen and Ford about a partnership have been widened and are now also on self-propelled cars. That reports news agency Bloomberg, on the basis of insiders. Earlier it was announced that it was working on a cooperation in the field of the development of pick-uptrucks and commercial vehicles.

The cooperation should provide significant cost savings for the automobile manufacturers from Germany and the United States. Automakers are major investments with the transition to electric cars and vehicles that run on other sources of energy drive. There is also a lot expected of self-propelled vehicles, and also require a lot of to be invested.

Volkswagen, the largest car company in the world, is struggling with the aftermath of the dieselschandaal that tens of billions of euros have cost in fines, damages and repairs. Ford is on the verge of a costly global restructuring, and therefore also on the little ones to pay attention to.

Thursday said financial officer Bob Shanks Ford is still that there are no restrictions in the meetings with Volkswagen, without going into specific areas such as self-propelled cars. ,,We have very broad conversations about how we meet around the world can help." VW had to know only that the talks went well.

The cooperation would be one of the largest in the sector can be. Ford is talking with Indian automaker Mahindra about a collaboration for the development of cars aimed at emerging markets.