Volvo Truck vs. Koenigsegg sports car

Ring Knutstorp ( Sweden ), November 11, 2014

What happens when you can take an eight-ton truck to a supercar? Actually a rhetorical question, because of the super sports car is lying almost certainly the better lap time. So it is now done on the 2.1 km long racetrack in southern Sweden Knutstorp. Here is provided a Volvo FH truck called and a Koenigsegg One: 1 unequal duel. But why it was actually predictable Sweden derby ever?

A transmission from racing

The aim was the new I - Shift dual-clutch gearbox, which was adapted from racing, to undergo the ultimate test. The gear changer with twelve speed levels is available for the Volvo truck since July 2014. While the truck anfährt, the dual-clutch automatic has already engaged the second gear in a separate box. If the second transition active, already the third party is ready and so on. This shortens the switching times and makes changing the levels comfortable. Is that enough to make the transport behemoth can complete a race lap, while the road racer unravels two?

400 km / h to 130 km / h

For propulsion are in the truck at 540 hp. They come from six cylinders that come together on a combustion chamber volume of 12.8 liters. Accelerate 2,600 Nm of torque the eight-ton behemoth to a top speed of 130 km / h ( excluding statutory limiter ). The counterparty is the name " One: 1 " program: A total of 1,360 horsepower twin-turbo V8 has only a single kilogram of vehicle weight set in motion. 20 seconds takes the Koenigsegg to on, Attention to accelerate !, 400 km / h. The speed comparison it looks just as bad for the truck: 440 km / h are the Koenigsegg in the registration document.

An exciting finish

The odds were ?? despite racing gear ?? bad for the truck driver Tiff Needell. The British racing driver took the wheel of the Volvo FH space and turned the unequal duel. At the end of the safe thing for the Koenigsegg but a head - to-head race until the last corner was. Ultimately, then crossed the super sports car after two rounds first the finish line and the race could decide for themselves. Nevertheless, a good result because the FH is thus almost half as fast as the One: the first And then he still has a decisive advantage, the truck: a payload of up to nearly 11 tons of luggage goods. In the sports - Sweden - boot fit only 120 liters and an optional trailer hitch you will not find in the options list . (ml)