Volvo tribute with BMW-Technik

Moscow, February 22, 2016

Retro is "in", also in Russia. The company "Bilenking Classic Cars" has recently unveiled the first vehicle of the young company. Should the "vintage" classic look with modern technology unite similar to the 911 models of Porsche tuning company singer.

Volvo optics M3 technology

The claim by bi Lenkin is a vintage-inspired bodywork, the technology basis of which must be but safe, reliable and comfortable. So the Russians put a metal dress, strongly resembling the beautiful Volvo P1800 on the technique of a BMW M3 E92 series. Its naturally aspirated V8 remained untouched and so does the vintage around 420 HP. A veritable sports car sits so much chrome and real bumpers.

The Interior is very classy

A real highlight is the interior design of the hand-crafted vintage. BI Lenkin produces an interior special materials, leather, wood, gold, diamonds and other precious stones according to customer specifications. The infotainment system is very extensive and fits very nicely into the retro atmosphere.

Market launch in the spring of 2016

BI Lenkin can however also neatly to pay such extravagance: 130,000 euro is not to think according to special requests and luxury facilities, the price but also fast on hard-line 250,000 euros goes up a vintage. For comparison: an E92 M3 has cost new 66,500 euros, for 250,000 euros you get, for example, a McLaren 650s spider. (mf)