Volvo S90 Ambience Concept

Cologne/Beijing, 23. April 2018

A luxurious long-wheelbase version of the S90 is one of the exhibits from Volvo at the Auto China in Beijing (29. April to 4. May 2018). At its core, the idea of the "S90 Ambience Concept" is the following: The functionary in the rear is allowed to build up of lights, sounds and scents of his own world.

From Swan lake to rain

The Basis of the S90 Excellence, for China's planned three-seat long-wheelbase version of the Volvo sedan. Yes, you read that right: It is a long version of this already great S90 with only three Seats. The front of the Chauffeur, back to the example of the functionary, and his wife, or his assistant sits. Via a Smartphone App, the rear passenger can select one of seven themes, with names like Northern lights, Scandinavian forest, Swan lake, archipelago, or rain. Depending on the theme of the headlining changes and creates a different mood: from relaxing to invigorating. So there is a nightly issue to Rest, as well as the issue of freedom that exudes fresh energy.

Sound from the headrest

With the look, sounds and scents change. Sound source is an audio system from Bowers & Wilkins, with the tweeters in the headrests. One of four fragrances from the Swedish perfume brand Byredo, the flows from the center console.(sl)