Volkswagen with three Jetta's to SEMA

Volkswagen, on the American tuning fair SEMA loose with the new Jetta. The brand is partnered with three different tuners and leave at the event in Las Vegas three special Jetta's.

We begin as Volkswagen itself also does: with the Jetta from verlagingsverenleverancier H&R.; The company has a red Jetta R-Line at the throat is grasped, and that is to start with a fine short down with a solid coilover. Spoorverbreders and impressive 19-inchwielen make the 'stance' complete. Furthermore, among other other brakes and we see a bodykit Air Design USA, including a prominent 'ducktail'spoiler.

Air Design USA has itself a Jetta thought. That is obviously a feature of a similar, albeit slightly less striking bodykit. Air Design USA goes on a retro-tour and grabs his own words back to the Golf and the Jetta from the second generation. This retro aspect comes back in, the multi-coloured striping and timeless wheels. The cooperation between Air Design USA and H&R; is not mutual, because Air Design is for a verlagingsset of Eibach.

The third Jetta is Volkswagen enthusiast, Jamie Orr. That goes just as Air Design for a white copy, but puts them considerably closer to the asphalt than the other two companies by making use of a KW Clubsport-coilover. Orr goes for 20-inchwielen. The body kit from ECS Tuning is also more aggressive than the other two Jetta's.