Volkswagen: 'We are not to let an EV'

Volkswagen introduces by the end of 2019 its first stand alone electric vehicle. The brand is not too late, says the man responsible for the electric mobility strategy of the brand.

During a press conference in Berlin said Thomas Ulbrich on Wednesday that Volkswagen is partly aware awaited the launch of an electric car that is not on an existing model is based on. This is in contrast to, for example, Nissan, which is since 2010, the electric Leaf delivers.

"Now the technique to the extent that you with certainty between the 330 and 550 miles of range, are we better able the residual value of our products to ensure. People expect from a Volkswagen product that is a good residual value. That should be in our electric cars to be no different."

Ulbrich said that the example of the Netherlands, that according to the German pioneer in the field of charging infrastructure and tax incentives, that Volkswagen has confidence in the are electric cars a success.

"In 2025, it is possible that 50 per cent of Volkswagen sales in the Netherlands from electric models exist. I hope that our entire offer you in 2030 is electric."

Worldwide in 2020, all of the 100,000 vehicles on the new platform for electric cars of Volkswagen around. In 2025, should be that there are 1 million per year. "We will go very quickly switch after the launch of our first model. I have 27 events in my calendar are for the next three years," says Ulbrich.