Volkswagen: 'In 2025 is half sale a SUV

Later today Volkswagen the cloth of the T-Cross, a new compact crossover of the brand. Volkswagen now know that it is expected that around 2025, about half of each selling car of the brand, an SUV-like.

Volkswagen says to expect that by 2025, one in two cars the company sells, "which is probably a SUV-like". Currently, about twenty percent of the number of cars that the company sells a car from that category.

There would be a profit when it comes to sales of SUVS and cross-overs in North and South America, and - you guessed it - China. In 2025, Volkswagen, say that worldwide, more than 30 SUVS in its portfolio. It says Volkswagen to reveal T-Cross is the smallest of the bunch. So expect no cross-over in the Up-market segment. In 2020 the slide, Volkswagen first fully-electric SUV to the front, the ID Crozz.