Volkswagen announces new mobility plan to

The Volkswagen Group announced during a private Smart Mobility Summit 2018 in the Israeli Tel Aviv a new mobility plan. About a little more than three years should be the very first autonomous mobile service of Israel.

For the new mobile service is the Volkswagen Group, collaboration with Mobileye, and Champion Motors. Volkswagens responsibility within the partnership is on the delivery of the electric vehicles. Mobileye, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, is going to work with the autonomous technology of the vehicles. Champion Motors will get the strings of the logistical plan in hands and runs the central control center of the grouping. The Israeli government has undertaken the project to help in the legal and regulatory area and will have the necessary traffic data of the targeted areas with the companies, so they can then respond.

During the next phase of the "Mobility-as-a-Service' model, the three companies with 'New Mobility in Israel' as a working title. The project starts at the beginning of 2019, and three years later are operational.