Volkswagen and Audi throw sale over other bow

The digital world we live in now is the end soon of the old and trusted car dealerships in. Volkswagen and Audi let us look in their crystal ball for 2020.

The two German brands throw their sales model is all about. Volkswagen now has more than 5,400 European dealers with approximately 54,000 employees. Staff within two years with dramatic changes to make. Five new sales and serviceformats are attached at the root of pop-up stores to the new, classified showrooms. The customer as an individual will soon be on number one, says VW, by means of digitization and connectivity. Natural words, when we talk about the future, but how will Volkswagen that trendy concrete plans in put?

Customers are able to start their next (electric I. D.) Volkswagen online. The brand stands online 24 hours a day ready for new or current customers. The biggest feature of the current dealers will disappear, therefore, for a large part. Everyone who is still physically connected want to stay with the brand you can visit the pop-up stores or more compact showrooms with up to six new models. Future electric I. D. cars in connection with the home, so the car itself can indicate when a turn is needed. Volkswagen also offers a range of We services: We Park, We Deliver, We Connect, or We Share. The Wolfburgers come up with a joint internet platform for the new digital partnership with its dealers in the right direction. This is there are about a shared place, for example, the buying process, financing or payment. The trendy image of VW new-style, complete with pop-up stores in different cities.

The Volkswagen Group presents its plans for the future in cooperation with the European Dealer Council (EDC): the umbrella organization of the equipment. Also Audi falls under the organization and throws, therefore, also from april 2020, the sales model is about a different bow. Audi's focus is therefore on-line sales, new verkoopformats, mobility concepts, and digital services. The new strategy has to be april 1, 2020 - no joke - start.