Violinist orange terrain monster

Munich, January 16, 2015

Is a normal Jeep Wrangler Sport boring and with 276 hp and 347 Newton meters become weak and not powerful enough for rough terrain, then Karl Geiger has already prepared a solution. The US car specialist from Munich has now an orange and abundant redesigned Wrangler off-road monster in the program.

6.4 inches higher laid veteran

Actually, the American off-road veteran is already innately an imposing figure. For better off-road capability and a three-door Wrangler Sport martialischere look of is now 6.4 inches higher and is further provided with Bilstein shock absorbers. The wheel arches now fill huge 18-inch aluminum wheels on the still more powerful 305/ 70 Mickey Thompson Off-Road tires are mounted.

Hard to see

Sit a new underride guard and grill bracket at the front. For this purpose, another guard, which extends over the windshield and headlights joins five carries. The five emitters working as the main headlights with LED technology, but also without lighting should the Wrangler Sport be hard to miss the bright orange paint.

80 horsepower and 70 Newton meters more

Under the hood sits a closed with buckles at the factory and built by the 3.6-liter V6 engine. Geiger graduated with a compressor, a cold-air box and a charge air cooler on new hardware to the engine and played Moreover, a new software on the controller. By the power update and reconstruction measures the performance of the V6 increased by 80 to 356 hp and the maximum force increased by 70 to a total of 417 Newton meters of torque to. Vented the motor via a Geiger-produced four-pipe sports exhaust system.

64,200 euros for an orange wall unit

The combined fuel consumption of orange and higher down wall unit is incidentally be 11.3 liters of premium petrol per 100 kilometers. The basic price, the Geiger Cars for the Jeep Wrangler Sport, including conversions, is 64,200 euros. However, all modifications can also be ordered individually. (ml)