Viaplay gets its own TV channel and will broadcast F1 for free (but there is a snag)

You shouldn't look at your phone for half a day

For those who mainly use Netflix, Videoland and F1TV, it will be news at all that there is a transmitter called SBS9. We stopped at number six with linear television. But SBS9 does not exist for a long time: this Talpa channel will be called Viaplay TV from this week. On this new channel you can view certain F1 races for free, for example the upcoming F1 race in Japan.

In addition to F1, VIAPLAY TV will also show professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and football matches from the English Premier League and German Bundesliga. The new channel will start on April 5 with the second free practice in Japan. It is not yet known which F1 session is shown even more live on the new Talpa channel.

The race is not broadcast live

The qualification of Japan is broadcast on Viaplay TV at 1:00 pm and the race can also be seen on Sunday at 1:00 pm, just like a summary of the China GP on April 21. F1 fans now immediately see where things go wrong: the races are not broadcast live. The GP of Japan starts at 7:00 am Dutch time and that in China at 9:00 am. So you don't have to look at your phone until after lunch if you want to view the races for free without spoilers.

This month you can also look at the Premier League of darts: Birmingham (April 11, 00 hours) and Rotterdam (April 18, 00). And for football fans there is also Premier League: Fulham - Newcastle United (April 6, 00 hours), Tottenham Hotspur - Nottingham Forest (April 8, 30 hours), Manchester City - Luton Town (April 13, 30 hours) and Chelsea - Everton (April 15, 30 hours).