Verstappen thinks it is 'completely fine' that his winning streak is over

Verstappen lost for the first time since April 30

We don't have the idea that Verstappen checks Wikipedia every day to see which record he has broken next. That is why it is not surprising that Verstappen is not disappointed with the end of his ten-race winning streak after a disappointing performance during the Singapore GP. In fact, the driver kind of saw it coming.

'I knew the day would come, so for me it's completely fine. Everything has to be perfect. Everyone always says: “Ah look how dominant they are and look how easy they have it”, but it's never easy,” says Verstappen. According to him, there are many details that all have to be right to be so dominant. "This weekend we clearly didn't have a number of things in order and then you are behind," he adds.

Competing for victory again in Japan

Verstappen is now already on his way to Japan. He will first spend a few days in Tokyo where he will 'try to get rid of my jet lag'. The Japanese GP is next on the schedule. The Red Bull driver expects to be at the front again. Verstappen says that he already felt on the simulator that things were not going well in Singapore. In that same simulated world, the driver feels that Suzuka feels a lot better. Perhaps Verstappen can start a new winning streak at Suzuka.