Verstappen takes pole for the main race during qualifying in Qatar

Behind Verstappen there is still some juggling with track limits

How much effect will this qualifying session have on Verstappen's championship? We will only find out tomorrow during the sprint race. Yet this qualification for the main race in Qatar is an important measuring moment. Now we'll see how fast all the cars are when the racing takes place this weekend.


From the outset, track limits appear to play an important role in Qatar. Several drivers pass the track at different places, reducing the lap time. As we experience every race weekend, the track is getting warmer, which means the times are getting faster. In the meantime, Verstappen complains several times about traffic.

In the last few minutes, Verstappen puts things in order and sets the fastest time. Pérez does not get further than eleventh place. Logan Sargeant is pushed out of the top fifteen at the last minute by his teammate. Albon is 0.092 seconds faster than the American rookie. Furthermore, Stroll (whose teammate finished third), Lawson, Magnussen and Zhou are eliminated.

Q1 CLASSIFICATION Verstappen pips Norris to P1 👀 #F1 #QatarGP

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Verstappen also has a problem in the second part of qualifying. This time it will meet the Red Bull driver, Carlos Sainz. 'What is he doing? He is just defending," Verstappen answers his own question. A special maneuver by the Spanish driver who may be confused by this. He cannot improve his time and ends up like Sainz.

“Did we make it?” Pérez asks his engineer. The answer is negative. The Red Bull driver ends his last lap by going off the track. For the umpteenth time, Pérez does not make it to Q3. Tsunoda, Albon and Hülkenberg are also dropped. By the way, Hamilton beats Verstappen by 0.1 second. The McLarens then follow closely in third and fourth.

❌ ELIMINATED IN Q2 ❌SAINZ and PEREZ are out 😵11: Tsunoda12: Sainz13: Perez14: Albon15: Hulkenberg #F1 #QatarGP

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We zoomed in on the dropouts, but let's also look at it positively. Both Alpines miraculously made it into the third part, as did part-time cyclist Valtteri Bottas. Unfortunately, these three drivers will not be competing at the front. Who would? Of course Verstappen, but he will have competition from Mercedes, McLaren and Leclerc.

After the first timed laps, Verstappen is half a second faster than the rest. The next cars are those of Hamilton and Russell. In addition, Norris's time was three tenths slower than Verstappen's, but the McLaren was out of line for a while and you know what happens.

With a handful of minutes to go, the drivers return to the track for one last attempt. It is now important to start your fast lap as late as possible so that you have the best track conditions. Verstappen makes a mistake during his lap. That's why he cuts his last lap short and there is no improvement.

This is the opportunity for the competition to beat Verstappen. Yet no one comes to the time of the Red Bull anymore. Norris comes closest, but once again his time is taken away. As a result, Russell will start second on Sunday and Piastri third. At least, that's what we thought. During the interviews with the top three it is revealed that Piastri has also lost his time. As a result, Hamilton moves up to P3. Works nice F1, those track limits.

POLE FOR MAX VERSTAPPEN IN QATAR!!!💪That's the Dutchman's 10th of the season 👏 #F1 #QatarGP

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