Unexpected quarterly for Tesla

Tesla has in the third quarter unexpectedly black numbers written. That happened in a period in which ceo Elon Musk heavy was under pressure by various scandals.

Tesla turned a profit in the books of 312 million dollars. That came under more by the growing deliveries of the Model 3, in which production after many issues finally on steam it seems. A year ago, there was a loss of nearly 620 million dollars in the books. Tesla achieved a turnover of 6.8 billion dollars. The share of Tesla was in the Us nabeurshandel sharply up. The financial markets had not taken into account the positive result.

Musk, in may was, however, already full of confidence. Then he gave all that Tesla in the third and in the fourth quarter profitable. Therefore he saw the need not to make extra money from financiers to get the then difficult financial situation of the company to fix it.

It was the first quarterly report of Tesla since Musk of a fine received from the American beurstoezichthouder about tweets in which he indicated the company of the stock market to get. That did not happen. He should, therefore, for a period of three years, no chair, no more. Who him in that position to do, is not yet known.

During a conference call following the digits got Musk questions about the presidency. He wanted to not answer and asked only questions of operational nature. In the previous quarterly figures collided Musk still strong, with analysts. He reproached them boring questions and responded to bot on them.