Twingo for the fingers

Paris, 14. June 2017

there Are actually, yet classic women's cars? The Renault Twingo is a candidate. Despite a sharp GT-Version with 110 HP to be cuddly Design is increasingly the world of women. The looks of the Renault, of course, on the basis of sales and has now come up with something Special: The matching nail Polish to the car.

Blue, Red, Black and Yellow

Was developed the nail Polish together with the cosmetics company De Blangy. In four colors, with the appropriate paintwork of the Twingo are congruent: Drageé Blue (a kind of baby blue), flame Red, Etoilé Black and Eclair Yellow. Who owns the Mini-Renault in one of these colors, you can style your hair to match.

Also suited for the car

A similar idea also had a Mercedes some time ago, but Renault have a special effect. As you may have noticed will be, they are not Metallic tones. The reason for this is as simple as it is clever: Light scratches can be covered with the nail Polish. It's a question of whether men will grab at any Park malheuren in the purse of your wife. A bottle of Twingo nail Polish costs € 8.90 and is in the "Atelier Renault eShop". (rh)