Trainees build Skoda Sunroq

Mladá Boleslav, 4. June 2018

Skoda? Modest, down-to-earth, reasonable. Or? At least, you would not believe the Czech car manufacturer, that he plastered its Logo on a slightly absurd-looking SUV convertible. Oddly enough, is exactly what happens. The new Skoda Sunroq, to be exact. It is an open version of the Compact SUVs Karoq. But before you get now Gasping in concern for the integrity of the Skoda Designs on the inside tear, we will solve the puzzle ...

23 Skoda apprentices have built Sunroq

The Sunroq is, of course, a study. The single piece is the work of 23 apprentices from the Skoda vocational school in Mladá Boleslav. The students practiced as engineers and designers, with the convertible becoming the Karoq but constantly the help of experienced Skoda-professionals.

Design-tricks with LED

In spite of the roof-loss of the Czech Crossover was allowed to retain its rear doors and the rear bench. A hell of a Skoda but would also convey to really hard to. On the front we recognise that under the bumper-mounted LEDs throw two Skoda Logos on the Asphalt. When Karoq we know this spectacle from the front doors. In addition to the small hump (probably the top) to be stored behind the rear seats is particularly what is happening in the wheel arches of the Sunroq. What looks at first glance as the largest and bluest of brake discs in the world, is likely to also be involved in LED lighting. The actual brakes with red calipers are rather subtle in nature.

Dimensions from the Karoq

According to Skoda, so a SUV would like a convertible as the Sunroq especially young people, who are in search of an open car, this is enough space for a surf Board. This should be in the case of the Sunroq the case, which takes the length, width, and wheelbase from the Karoq.

Name via Social Media campaign

Especially a lot of people will probably not come in the enjoyment to feel the acceleration of the Sunroq. But with the well-known 1.5-Liter TSI (150 HP), it is likely to go ahead quite acceptable. According to Skoda, the open SUV comes in 8.6 seconds from 0-100 km/h and 195 km/h top. The name Sunroq it is determined by the way via Social Media-survey, "customers and Fans, hundreds of proposals for the naming of the Apprentice Cars in 2018," wrote. The Name of a start "the summer charm of the convertible-study."

VW T-Roc is actually opened

Whether you're happy or not: of Course, the Skoda Sunroq remains a one-time affair. However, in all likelihood, is another SUV from the Volkswagen group that are wicked to the Range Rover Evoque convertible in the flamboyante world of top up seats to follow. The speech is from the VW T-Roc convertible, to 2020 on the market.(sw)