Toyota's next hybrid stage

Cologne, September 9th, 2015

At the IAA 2015 ( 17 to 27 September ) in Frankfurt the fourth generation of the hybrid Prius model will be on display at the booth of Japanese automaker Toyota, with an even more futuristic bodywork and many changes including.

Revised Hybrid

Particular attention was paid to the development of the hybrid drive. This is now especially on long journeys consume less and at the same time have a more direct response and smoother acceleration. At higher speeds, the drive will now be quiet and at the same time a linear relationship of speed to engine speed vermitteln.Der powertrain weighs less, is more efficient and provides better power delivery. Simultaneously, the hybrid components more compact and the battery now has an improved charging performance.

More space and lower center of gravity

The Prius is the first model, the tnga on the new platform strategy ?? Toyota New Global Architecture ?? based. This allows, among other things, by a more compact battery and a new double-wishbone rear suspension, more cargo capacity and an optimized driving position. Also, the body comes out of the program and tnga was constructed especially as regards the absorption of energy in a crash. To avoid an accident, however, the Toyota - Safety-sense safety system is intended to help, which was supplemented by a radar-based adaptive cruise control system and a pedestrian detection . ( mf )