Toyota warns of consequences hard Brexit

Toyota fears the consequences of a so-called hard Brexit. The company, one of the world's largest car companies, to generate weekly, up to 60 million pounds (67.6 million euro) turnover in the United Kingdom. A departure from the European Union without new trade agreements threatens that revenue stream to disrupt, warns Europe-ceo Johan van Zyl.

"We make six hundred cars per day, five days per week in the United Kingdom. With some 20,000 pounds per car, you can check how much that is. If that is disturbed, is a matter that is of great concern," said Van Zyl at the Paris motor show. He expects a hard Brexit Toyota major logistical problems.

Toyota announced last year to invest heavily in its Uk factory in Burnaston, where the model Auris is produced. Of all the cars that are there from the band reel, it is almost 90 percent destined for the European Union. The Japanese company also makes engines in the place Deeside in Wales.