Toyota is testing e- auto-induction Download without cable clutter

Download without cable clutter

Charging of electric cars nowadays you need a cable. In future, it might also work wirelessly.

The inductive charging of electric cars will now test in a field trial in Japan under everyday conditions Toyota. The Japanese hope to gain information about ease of use, user satisfaction and charging behavior. In the tests applied to one year to take part three plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The inductive charging is to make the power supply of electric cars more comfortable. The transmission of energy in the batteries of parked cars runs over a magnetic field that is generated by a coil embedded in the ground. A similar technique is already used for the charging of mobile phones. When she goes in the car in series, is still open.

In Germany the project BIPoLplus explored in the Stuttgart area for a year the topic induction charging. In addition to communication between car and charging station, it goes in all the projects also to shorten the charging time.