Toyota: concept with comfort

Cologne, 19. October 2017

Toyota trumps at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 (25. October to 5. November), are: Almost day-to-day rhythm of the Japanese world group announces a new study, which will be shown there for the first time. The latest concept vehicle, the name of the "Fine-Comfort Ride" and is powered by a fuel cell.

Diamond with a huge wheelbase

With a 4.83 meters, the concept car is slightly shorter than hydrogen-powered Mirai. Strikingly, the other dimensions: Lot width (1.95 meters), good height (1.65 metres), and a lot of wheelbase (3.45 meters). The diamond-shaped passenger cell, the rear is narrower, the car itself, but from the Front to the middle, evenly wide. Up to six occupants should have a place in the "Fine-Comfort Ride", the arrangement of the seats can vary.

The Future Of Luxury?

The study includes a drive layout with the electric motors in the wheels, in order to optimize the available space. As the range of the fuel cell vehicle, Toyota is about 1,000 kilometers. What is the purpose of the spacious study followed? According to the manufacturer, the "Fine Comfort Ride," a new Generation of luxury sedans embody that receive a variable Layout, especially for electric drives. At a glance, it seems that large format Toyota to have limousines which are not offered in Europe, such as the 4,91 Meter-long Crown.(rh)